4 Preferable Investment Options for Portugal Golden Visa

The premise of EU citizenship paired with a solid promise of investment is drawing individiuals, corporate firms and families looking for an alternative for business or lifestyle. Due to its reasonable €350,000 investment option, Portugal Golden Visa is a rising trend in the area.

The Portugal Golden Visa makes it possible for a foreigner to live and work in Portugal and provides him/her with the priviledge of visa-free travel throughout the Schengen zone. After five years, the visa holder and his family can appeal for permanent residence and even for full citizenship thenceforth.

Means for getting a Golden Visa from Portugal

Making a €1m investment in general

Depositing funds in a Portugues bank, purchasing bonds & shares from the Portuguese stock exchange, and corporate investment can be included. 

Creating a new business area for 10 people

If one manages to employ 10 workers at minimum wage and if all of them are eligible to pay their social security taxes, s/he can appeal for Portugal Golden Visa. There is no requirement for a minimum investment in capital.

Purchasing a property worths at least €500,000 or €350,000 in some cases

Perhaps the most popular one among investors, one must purchase a property, or multiple properties, with a minimum worth of €500,000 in total. Once have been bought, the estate can be rented out thereafter.

Making a private equity investment of €350,000

Not surprisingly, the demand for the €350,000 property category is considerably higher than the other options since it appeals to investors who’re seeking a cheaper way. Compared with the direct purchase of a property valued at €500,000, the €350,000 option comes with more requirements to fulfill but the capital savings compensate it.

One can renovate a building that’s more than 30 years old beside purchasing it to reach this amount in total, invest this amount into a national scientific research program, support an existing business by increasing the capital with that amount or employing five more full-time permanent jobs for a duration of at least five years, and finally, assisting an equity fund from a regulated private initiative to complete this option.

Benefits of the Vintage PEF investment

One special option for the 350k route is The Vintage Hotel, a five-star hotel located in the heart of Lisbon. Its central location provides the guests with easy access to the sightseeing areas where they can also experience Lisbon’s dashing, perhaps underrated, nightlife actions.

  • The Vintage Hotel PEF promises holders a minimum return of 3% for each year.
  • Beside  a 3% fixed base output, Vintage PEF holders will benefit from a further 50% share from all distributable income as well as 70% of any proceeds when the Vintage Hotel is sold.
  • The PEF is fully exempt from corporate income tax, as well as the withholding and capital gain taxes for the non-resident investors.
  • The process is quick: One can apply for Portugal Golden Visa just after 10 days are passed from the date of the initial investment.
  • Professionals will oversee the investment directly from Lisbon.

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