Portugal Golden Visa: The Most Advantageous Way to Make Investment in Portugal

Portugal’s economy demonstrates a stable growth and offers very special advantages for real estate investment. The current economic development surely benefit the Golden Visa investors a lot. Along with its strong tourism sector, the real estate market has become very profitable lately.

Real Estate Investment through Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa program offers residence permit to non-EU citizens who make a considerable amount of investment into the country. There are various investment types that are available, but the most preferred option is observed to be the real estate investment. The individuals need to invest in real estate that is worth a minimum of € 500.000 to apply Portugal Golden Visa. Once the Portugal Golden Visa application is successfully completed, the investors receive their residence permits, and earn the right to travel among the Schengen countries without a visa.

Making Investment in Portugal

After the crisis in 2010-2014, the Portuguese state introduced many policies that encourage entrepreneurship to develop the country. Especially in the country’s capital, Lisbon, more than 2500 international companies were established in a few years. The fabric of the city is rapidly changing towards becoming one of the main commercial centers in Europe, while offering a rare opportunity for real estate investors.

Stable Portuguese Economy

Portugal suffered a serious economic crisis between 2010 and 2014. Following the crisis, the Portuguese state quickly implemented a number of innovative policies in order to attract foreign investors and transform the city into an investment hub. Since 2012, the Portuguese economy continues to grow steadily. Since 2012, Portugal’s gross domestic product has been accelerating; The Portuguese economy, which grew by 2.8% in 2017, has lost its momentum, but continues to grow steadily.

Route to Become EU Citizen

Portugal Golden Visa programs offers a residence permit in Portugal to non-EU investors. If the applicants maintain their investor for five years and complete a full 5 years of legal residence, they earn the right to apply for Portuguese citizenship.  This way, the investors have gain full access to healthcare and education services in Portugal.

The Most Popular Program

Portugal Golden Visa is among the most popular residency by investment programs so far. The program allows investors to make a profitable real estate investment in Europe’s one of the most sought-after markets. In addition to that, golden visa investors can apply for Portguese citizenship which opens the doors of Europe. In 2020, Portugal’s success is expected to continue. You can read more about the future developments on the program.

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