Why You Should Invest in Portugal Golden Visa through Real Estate Acquisition

In 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa Program opened the doors of the country to foreign investors and companies from all over the world. Being the most preferred residency by investment programs among the foreign investors, the Golden Visa Program offers permanent residence permit through real estate investment. 

The residency requirement for the Golden Visa program is seven days per year which is very minimal. Portugal Golden Visa holders have the right to travel within the Schengen area without a visa. Plus, Portugal has a very advantageous tax regime. The residents are exempt from most of the foreign source income tax, if they stay in Portugal less than half of the year.

The Portugal Golden Visa Program has many other benefits for the investors. However, let’s discover the reasons why it makes sense to invest in Portugal through real estate acquisition.

Housing Prices

As of 2008, the housing prices in the country fell significantly. However, stabilization in the housing prices was observed in the last period. Portugal has made many attempts to achieve an economic recovery in this sense, one of them was the introduction of Portugal Golden Visa and the second was the regulations on taxes. When such developments were put on the stage, the demand rose remarkably and it became increasingly difficult to find a place for investment in the country. In terms of supply and demand, housing prices are expected to rise in Portugal in the near future.

Your savings are safe

In other European countries, such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the interest rate is controlled by the ECB (European Central Bank), which prevents people from investing in those countries.  Investors who do not prefer to invest in their own country are moving their investments to countries like Portugal.

Return on Investment

The appeal of owning a house in Portugal does not end there. While the joy of living in the warm and sunny climate of Portugal may be counted among the emotional reasons, the material reasons still maintain their relevance. When you choose to lease your investment property, the high return on investment will bring a smile to your face.

The Best Views

Construction in Portugal follows certain rules that protect nature and it is vital to pay attention to this matter. For instance, high rise buildings are not accepted. This gives you a privilege to enjoy the exceptional view of Portugal from anywhere in the city.

Reasonable Price and Welcoming Culture

Portugal is one the most important touristic destinations in Europe. There are many reasons for this: culture, food and drink, wines, history and so on. In addition, the hospitality of the locals is very important. When this welcoming culture is supported by an affordable life, the dreams get even closer to turn into a reality. 

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