Portugal Golden Visa: Discovering the Privileges of Living in Lisbon

Golden Visa Programs are designed to attract high net worth individuals to obtain a European residence permit in exchange for a real estate investment. Through the Golden Visa Program, many investors choose to purchase a luxury property in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Lisbon.

Lisbon is a magical city with a sunny weather all year round. Lisbon’s privileges come with a full package. You may find the rich historical culture as well as the modern way of life. You may enjoy the warm beaches while pursuing a luxurious lifestyle. Lisbon offers you a very high quality of life while offering diverse opportunities. The sense of security is vital for resident of any city, and Lisbon has the lowest crime rate in Europe. The convenience of living in Lisbon can be explained best by its ease of transportation. Lisbon’s airport hosts 15 million passengers annually, and provides transportation to America with an average of 11 flights per week. There are only a few cities in the world that can hold such advantages together. We are talking about a city that will satisfy your every need and desire.

Increase in Family Settlement through Golden Visa

The increase in the number of the Portugal Golden Visas issued for the past 2018 proves that the advantages of living in Portugal can’t be ignored. Portugal Golden Visa Program does not only attract investors who want to acquire a European residence permit, but it also attracts individuals who actually have the desire to reside in the country. Those who make the decision to settle in Portugal tend to bring their families with them.

Living in Portugal with Your Family

Portugal Golden Visa Program allows for family reunification, meaning that the investor may include his/her spouse and dependent children under the age of 18 into the program. Since the introduction of the program in October 2012, the number of residence permits issued to family members through family reunification is 12746. The large majority of Portugal Golden Visa investors are motivated by social reasons along with the economic ones. Families are often motivated by the future of their children while making a Golden Visa investment. According to data from the Portuguese Immigration Service (SEF), the number of residential investments increased in 2018. In addition, the data shows that the rate of family reunification increased by 14%.

Invest in Portugal Golden Visa 

Portugal Golden Visa Program was introduced in 2012, and since then it became one of the most successful residency-by-investment programs in Europe. Throughout the years, Portugal Golden Visa Program attracted many foreign investors mainly from China, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Russia. According to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service’s (SEF) data, 7465 residence permit have been issued through Golden Visa Programs since the beginning the of program in 2012 up to May 2019. The Golden Visa Program requires the investors to make an investment worth between € 350,000 and € 500,000 depending on the type and age of property. China and Brazil are the leading countries that invest in the Portugal Golden Visa Program. 

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